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A. 2011  Jan Show - Topic -  California Real Estate Licensing Requirements - Salesperson and Broker

B. 2011 Feb Show - Topic - Sgt Hurley Story about foreclosure while being in Iraq - Southern California Real Estate Market & What can you do?

C. 2011 Feb Show - Topic -  Possible Changes in Fannie and Freddy Mac   Plus Interview with Landmark Properties - Want to Lease your home?, Are you looking to Rent?

D. 2011 Feb 20 Show - Topic - Save Your California Home -   and Keep On Rockin!

E. 2011 Feb 27 Show Topics -  Short Sale Help Where to turn?  &  Interview with an Insurance Broker

F. 2011 March 6 Show Topic - Watch out for Scams / Federal and California Dept Of Real Estate Advance Fee Warnings and keep on Rockin!

G. 2011 March 13 Show Topic -  What's really on the Your Salesperson and Brokers  State Exam,  

H 2011 March 27 Show Topic -  Real Estate Market - Is it a good time to buy now? It is for investors!

I. 2011 April 3 Show Topics - Dept of Real Estate Bulletin Spring - NMLS SAFE Requirement - and New Real Estate Continuing Education Course Sponsor Requirements and More





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